MEET THE EXPERT IN HAND-TIED TROLLING FLIES Charters are big on the Great Lakes! Trolling solo is not unusual on the big pond! Fishing-580x300-43  river images shan
Charters are big on the Great Lakes!
Trolling solo is not unusual on the big pond!
A Fall Steelhead Spawning Run
Ice Fishing On The Great Lakes Is A COOL Sport

Boat & Trailer Maintenance

YEARLY BOAT & TRAILER INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE Check the coupler on the trailer. Make sure all parts move freely and are rust and crack free. Lube if necessary. Inspect trailer jack and wheel. Lube pivot shaft and wheel if necessary. Check all running lights. Inspect either bunks or rollers for excessive wearing, broken board, torn Read more

Ice Fishing! It’s Cool & Fun…..

ICE FISHING! A Cool Winter Sport….. Really Cool For These Two! In the winter months, for many sportsmen, a popular activity is ice fishing, Although it might not appeal to all, many fisherman actually prefer fishing through the ice to open-water fishing. For one thing, anglers can get just about anywhere on the lake during the […] Read more

Fishing Calendar Periods

The Calendar Periods Image result for fishing calendar periods The Calendar divides the fishing year into 10 periods of fish response. These Calendar Periods are at the mercy of Mother Nature, so there is no certain number of days, nor do they occur on specific dates each year. Since Calendar Periods depend on climate and […] Read more

Fall Lake Trout (Burns Ditch Indiana)

      A few Notable Tips for Catching Lake Trout in November and December! Always check the water temperature. Lakers prefer 43-56 degree water and will generally be somewhere within that range. Lakers are lazy fish, so troll slowly. When marking fish, change trolling speed and direction often , as it triggers strikes. Never Read more

Lakers on Lake Michigan

It’s time to get out there and launch your boat at the Portage Indiana boat launch!        It might be my imagination but the warnings about eating large Lake Trout because of PCB contamination are what throw me off as far as targeting Lake Trout for food. I know they are kind of sporty when […] Read more

Chinook Salmon State Records

The Power, strength, speed, endurance and awesome fighting ability of an adult (KING) Chinook Salmon makes them worthy of the title “KING OF THE GREAT LAKES”! Listed by the state caught, the weight of the King, body of water caught, who caught the record and the date it was caught: Illinois 37 lbs 0 oz […] Read more

Wisconsin Motor Trolling (New Laws)

On July 1, 2015, the regulations on motor trolling in Wisconsin changed Trolling defined According to NR 20.03(40) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, “troll” or “trolling” means fishing by trailing any lure, bait or similar device that may be used to attract or catch fish from a boat propelled by a means other than Read more

Port Washington (Surrogate King Salmon Parents)

Port Washington —  Over the last 50 years many Lake Michigan anglers have developed a love affair with chinook salmon. A batch of projects at Wisconsin sites this spring is demonstrating a new depth to that affection. “You could call it baby sitting,” said Bob Hammen of West Bend, president of the Ozaukee chapter of […] Read more

70 POUND MUSKIES! Do they exist?

NOTHING MAKES A MUSKY BIGGER THAN ALMOST BEING CAUGHT! Excitement and disappointment have a way of making the size of muskies grow a bit! So many times over the years I’ve heard fish stories of monster muskies that were hooked, yet for some reason got away. While many lost muskies were reported to be “5 […] Read more

Detroit River, April Walleye

March 3,2015 Report: The fishing is phenomenal with millions of walleye heading into the river from Lake Erie. Limits are the norm, with eye popping size fish early in the run. In 2014 we went late April and the big females were gone, but there was tons of 2-4lb males. In 2013 we went around […] Read more

St. Joeph River Fishing (Special Regulations)

These are the special regulations that apply to fishing the St. Joseph River and its tributaries from the Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka, downstream to the Michigan State line: Minimum size for trout and salmon is 14 inches. No fishing is allowed at any time in the East Race Waterway in South Bend. No fishing […] Read more

Ice Fishing Safety

  Safety comes first when ice fishing! To borrow the “be prepared” motto, when you’re properly prepared for the experience, ice fishing is a fun outdoor activity. Below are some guidelines to help you “be prepared.” New ice is usually stronger than old ice. Four inches of clear, newly formed ice may support one Read more

2015 Illinois Sport License $1.00

Sport license for Illinois residents over seventy-five is now $1.00! Waives the fee for Salmon Stamps, Inland Trout Stamps,  State Migratory Waterfowl Stamps, State Habitat Stamps, Pheasant Stamps and State Furbearer Stamps for Illinois residents who are over 75 years of age. August 2014 — On August 1, Governor Pat Quinn signed a law that Read more

Musky Hunters! Setting the hook…..

Did you know most novice, and even some experienced Musky Hunters still don’t know the proper way to set the hook? Well, you are not alone. I didn’t learn myself until I lost a number of good sized Muskies. As we all know, the goal in setting the hook is to move a lure through […] Read more

ILLINOIS: Where To Go Ice Fishing

I would prefer getting kicked in the ICE HOLE, wouldn’t you? Soon there will be enough ice on the lakes to try your luck ice fishing, but before heading out it’s wise to check with the local bait shops to make certain the spot you have chosen is adequately ice covered and at the thickness […] Read more

St.Joseph’s Historic Lighthouse

  Saint Joseph, Michigan Lighthouse History Nearly two centuries old, the historic St. Joe Lighthouse is not only a symbol of the town of Saint Joseph, Michigan but also an icon of the Great Lakes. The original St. Joseph, MI lighthouse was constructed in 1832, making it the second lighthouse on Lake Michigan. The first […] Read more

Door County ( Ice Out Brown Trout)

The best time to plan a trip to Door County is during the spring! Some call Door County on lake Michigan’s northwest coast the best Brown Trout fishing mega in the Country. The region produces awesome catches every Spring and is in the midst of a trolling boom! Large numbers of Brown Trout congregate around […] Read more


The Power, strength, speed, endurance and awesome fighting ability of an adult (KING) Chinook Salmon makes them worthy of the title “KING OF THE GREAT LAKES”!  Fighting a 30 pound King  provides enough excitement and fun to rank as the ultimate Fresh water trolling thrill! There is no doubt, salmon claim the title as the […] Read more


Good Lord! I’m glad this  gigantic shark was not caught in one of the GREAT LAKES! A sport-fisherman reeled in a huge Mako shark off the Southern California coast that tipped scales and threatened records. But conservationists criticized the catch, saying shark populations are vulnerable to overfishing worldwide. The female shark caught Read more

The Ice Holes!

 If you have never been ICE FISHING, there are a few things you should know. First of all, do not go out and buy anything quite yet! A spinning rod and reel will  do fine for starters.  I have know some that thought they would like to try ICE FISHING, only to find that they […] Read more

Salmon & Trout Population is Down

  There has to be limits set on this! In general, 2014 has been a disaster for most Lake Michigan Salmon fisherman! Normally, I do quite well trolling out of Michigan City and Portage Indiana  for Skamanian. However, I did not even see anyone catch one this Summer including myself. Most charter boat captains agree […] Read more

FALL LAKE TROUT (Burns Ditch, Indiana)

SPAWNING LAKERS (BURNS DITCH, PORTAGE INDIANA) Fishing this year out of Burns Ditch , Portage Indiana has been terrible! Although nothing has been normal this year, there still might be some hope for  some hardy anglers who remain active late into the fall! They might get in on some great lake trout fishing when the […] Read more

Lake Michigan Smoking Ban

  “IT’S A BREATH OF FRESH AIR,” said Joel Africk, president and CEO of the Respiratory Health Association. Lake Michigan fisherman don’t panic!  If you are a smoker, you will be able to destroy your lungs all you want if you are on your boat, as it is private property, park district spokeswoman Kiera Ellis […] Read more

MUSKY HUNTERS (mox-nix attitude)

There has been so much written about Musky fishing, you could fill a semi truck with it! Some is just hype or myth, some straight out lies and a whole lot of good publications written by some of your better know Musky guides and a few well versed and experienced Musky hunters. However, at times […] Read more

Catch More Walleye

There are some clear cut principles and trends that most experienced Walleye hunters know, or at least think they know. However, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the subject now and then. Because there are never 100% clear cut situations but only relative specific circumstances, you can pick and choose from the following that […] Read more

Summer Walleye (weeds)

Over the years most fishing sport authors, fisherman or not, perpetuate the notion that all walleyes live in deep water on the rocks. Truth is, that’s not the case! Yes, some walleye groups do make seasonal use of deep water. However, it has been known for some time now that weeds play a far more […] Read more

A Fishy Story (giant smallmouth bass?)

  This article appeared in the Chicago Sun Times about a possible record Smallmouth Bass caught at a Chicago location beside Monroe Harbor south of Buckingham Fountain in Lake Michigan. This is what a die hard Smallmouth hunter  had to say, and I must agree! Dale shouldn’t have wasted his time and the Ink writing […] Read more

New Boating Regulations

Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Increase Boating Safety New Laws will Improve Safety and Education in Illinois’ Waterways Hopefully these new regulations will go a long way to keep the drunks off  Lake Michigan! Fishing is an ancient practice. It dates back nearly 10,000 years. A number of various techniques and traditions have been used Read more

Bored?Go Fishing!

  Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast in the waters off the Door County Peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin. As […] Read more

Lake Michigan Kayak Fishing

Many times while fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan,  just outside the channel of Burns Ditch Indiana, I have seen Kayaks on the water. Some were fishing and others just enjoying being on the water paddling along as if they had someplace to go. Even on calm days, which is rare on the big pond, […] Read more

Hot Weather Smallmouth

Pound for pound the mighty Smallmouth bass is probably the best fighting fresh water fish on the Planet!  This time of year it gets a little tough finding and catching them! After sun-down is about your best bet. 1. Think cool water. Fish want to eat in a cool place. That means deeper water, regardless […] Read more

Skamania Coming Soon

During normal years, skamania will show up at Michigan City and Portage in early July and stage in front of the creek mouths for a couple of weeks before heading upstream. If the rains wait until the beginning of August, the trolling action will remain hot. If the rains come too early, the skamania may […] Read more

North Point Marina (Winthrop Harbor)Reports

Winthrop harbor is home to North Point Marina, the largest marina on the Great Lakes. With over 1,500 boat slips, plus public beaches recreation facilities and second-to-none charter fishing. North Point Marina is destination to over one million visitors every summer. After the water starts to warm up in May and June, this is where […] Read more

CPR (catch-photo-release)

Let’s all do our part to help fish live to fight another day! Choose lines and equipment that will bring fish in quickly, so they don’t exhaust all their energy in a prolonged battle. Use artificial lures over live bait. Fish that hit artificial baits are less likely to be hooked deeply enough to damage […] Read more

Indiana DNR (over-baggers) Crackdown

Some Illinois Perch fishermen think they own Lake Michigan and don’t have to follow laws! Well, this is what happens: The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is cracking down on perch over-baggers. On Sunday, Michael Ratter, 65, of Calumet City, Ill., was cited after a conservation officer found him in possession of 50 yellow perch Read more

Salmon Location “The X Factor”

Those of us that troll on the Great Lakes for Salmon generally do not know where the Salmon are on a daily basis. It all depends on several conditions, like water temperature, wind direction and time of the year. Salmons do migrate and sometimes it is difficult to know exactly when. There is one sure […] Read more

Protect Your Waters

DON’T DUMP BAIT…..Bait and nonnative plants and animals hitchhiking in bait buckets can harm our lakes and rivers!  Protecting these resources is an important part of our overall enjoyment. A concern we must all address is the spreading of harmful plants, animals and other organisms. These aquatic nuisance species can hitch a ride on Read more

Fisherman To Boycott Walmart!

Several fishing clubs and groups are asking members to boycott Walmart based on the below: WALMART MAY SOON BEGIN TO FEEL ANGLER BACKLASH RFA Said Nationwide Protests Against Walton Family Are Expected WAL-MART GIVES $36 MILLION TO ANTI-FISHING GROUPS RFA Says Walton Family Foundation Supports MPA & Catch Share Efforts August 17, 2011 – Read more

Moon Phase Fishing

    Every fisherman dreams of a bigger catch! Is it possible to know beforehand when you should plan a trip to enjoy some fishing, catch more than usual, and come home feeling 100% satisfied? Based on my own personal research around the best fishing times, I think it is. When I first started fishing, […] Read more


Boat Safety on the Great Lakes is critical! – Avoid Hypothermia Fall in the water this time of the year and you will be in deep shit!  See the chart below and take heed…..       A sudden unexpected wake or other “unbalancing event” can land you in the frigid water. Although the possibility of drowning from falling Read more

Pratice Clean Boating

With over 22 million registered recreational boaters and over 10,000 marinas in the United States, simple day-to-day changes in how we operate and maintain our boats will go a long way in protecting our valuable water resources. Take the first step, and learn more about easy things you can do today to be a “Clean Boater!” […] Read more


Kids love to go fishing! However, unless they catch wall to wall fish,  they get bored with it quite quickly.  I suggest that the first time you take them, make sure you bring them to a pond or lake that is loaded with pan fish! If they don’t catch anything, you run the risk that […] Read more

Early Ice Out Salmon Bonanza

Southern Lake Michigan is the capital of the Coho Salmon fishery. Indiana’s shoreline begins  attracting crowds of boats as soon as the ice leaves, usually in March.  If it warms up and we get lots of warm rain towards the end of February, no doubt it could be early March. Let’s hope so! Small boat […] Read more

Little Green Lake, Wisconsin

     Most Musky hunters are aware of this great little Musky  lake located just about 180 miles north of Chicago. Little Green is a  467 acre lake, maximum depth 25 ft.  located just 2.1 miles from Markesan, in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Don’t be fooled by the name “little”, as this lake has been […] Read more


Winter Walleyes Why Winter is a Great Time to Walleye Fish Most recent update: Posted: 07:50pm – Nov 9,14 We were prepped for steelies and eyes. We tried store bought spawn sacks for steelies. Floating and off the bottom. No bites. I mainly fished for walleye though, caught 6, lost a big one at the […] Read more

Door County’s Baileys Harbor

Baileys  Harbor, is a premier fishing port on the Lake Michigan side of the Peninsula…. Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that […] Read more

SPAWNING LAKERS (Burns Ditch, Portage Indiana)

Lake Trout display a spawning pattern close to the Port of Indiana, with a run of Lake Trout that develops along the shoreline between mid-October and mid-november….. ATTN: Great Lakes fisherman! If the picture on the left don’t get your attention, nothing will!  The few hardy anglers who remain active late into the fall can Read more


Chicago area fishermen!  Go north for the best fishing you can find….. Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast in […] Read more

What is a trophy Walleye & where to catch one…..

DREAM BIG!! Here is an article for those of you that DO NOT read In-Fisherman magizine….. How big is a trophy walleye, and which walleye states offer the best odds for catching one? Most states have trophy programs, and most have determined the 8-pound range is where walleyes first enter the “trophy zone.” The best […] Read more


DNR studies have found that introducing muskies into waters where they previously did not exist has had negligible impact on other fish species. There is a myth out there being spread by many novice and walleye fisherman that do not fish for Muskies. They complain that their favorite  fish are being depleted by Musky. This myth could not be Read more


“It is only the inexperienced and thoughtless who find pleasure in killing fish for the mere sake of killing them. No sportsman does this.”  – W.C. Prime, 1888 Here is an article I found written some time back….. I feel the same way about this goofy activity! “Every October, a strange and gruesome spectacle takes place Read more

LK. Michigan Fall Shore Fishing For Salmon

I do not fish from shore, as I do have a boat. For those of you that do not own one, here is an article I found written by a fisherman that certainly knows what he is talking about…..  Bring 2 rods, 1 for spoons & 1 for cranks. For spoons (mostly 3/4oz) & large crankbaits, I […] Read more

Ice-Out Coho Salmon Action

Southern Lake Michigan is the capital of the Coho Salmon fishery. Indiana’s shoreline begins  attracting crowds of boats as soon as the ice goes off, usually in March.  Small boat owners! This is the time to get out there and knock em’ dead….. Just after the ice is out in late Winter, and the waters […] Read more

Musky & The Media

This article is about something I know to be true based on over 46 years of fishing for, and reading about musky fishing. It’s something I feel must be said! As with subjects like politics, entertainment, health, weather and anything else you can think of, there is and always will be people that feel they must say and […] Read more

Musky Casting VS Trolling

Perhaps the title of this article should be “Deep vs Shallow”.  Indeed, that is what it pretty much amounts too. Just to make it clear again, there is no one method that is known to man that will allow anyone to catch muskies on a regular basis. I really think that ” time on the water”, is […] Read more

Little Things “Big Muskies”

Ever heard the expression “It’s the little things that count?” Because Muskies are at the very top of the fresh water predator-prey chain, there are fewer of them than there are of other species of fish, and fewer still of the the really big “wall hangers.” Many times, the difference between landing a trophy musky, Read more

Green Bay Wisconsin Walleye

  According to the first 2013 Walleye issue of In-Fisherman Magizine this is a list of the top 10 Walleye Destinations Stateside: Fort Peck Lake, Montana Pueblo Lake, Colorado Lake Oahe, South Dakota/North Dakota St.Louis River, Minnesota/Wisconsin Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee/Kentucky Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin Detroit River, Read more

Lake Michigan Ice-Out Action

Pastricks East Chicago Marina For Fantastic Ice-out Action!         This is the time of year to get those planer boards  and flat lines ready for action! In spring, salmon are coming off a winter fast and begin to increase their feeding range and activity. Once the ice breaks up trolling is superb! Often […] Read more

Release Me! Musky National Anthem

 RELEASE ME! Please “Release Me” let me go I don’t love you anymore To waste our lives would be a sin Release me and let me love again   Advise  From A seasoned Pro The Midwestern lakes are now encased in a layer of ice and covered with Read more

A Bucktail Of Another Color

DO BUCKTAIL COLORS REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? As the noted TEA PARTY ASS HOLE Sarah Palin would say, “You Betcha!” This bucktail accounts for more Musky trophies caught than any others! Many of your noted Musky Hunters, including myself, say any color is ok, as long as it is BLACK! Indeed a black Musky Giant Killer bucktail is what Read more

Musky Killers!

CATCH… PHOTO…RELEASE! Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) is the common practice of musky anglers. The results of CPR have become obvious, more and bigger musky! CPR sounds easy, but even the most experienced musky hunter will tell you it can be difficult at times. Poor handling of a musky can defeat your best intentions of a […] Read more

Muskies Hate A Deeper Eight

There is nothing more exciting in fishing than to see a giant Musky attack your lure right next to your boat! Unfortunately, most of the time a big trophy just follows the lure and slowly swims away. However, a properly executed ‘figure 8″ can trigger many muskies that have previously ignored your offering. Most good musky […] Read more

Troll For Bigger Muskies

 Trolling open waters for the big girls! Let’s face it…’s not getting any easier to catch a Musky over thirty pounds. Now days , I think the myth of 10,000 casts is getting closer to being true for a fish that size!  Every year thousands of  fisherman beat the waters on our northern Musky waters […] Read more

Walleyes! Do The Jig

“There are two types of fisherman-those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish” Walleye fisherman do both! There are probably more  articles written about walleye fishing than there are walleyes!!  This article will be nothing new to most walleye fisherman, but for some it might help a little….. Walleye, walleyed pike, Read more

Think Like A Musky!

                                                                                    WOW!  I Love This Spot! THINK LIKE A MUSKY?? BETTER YET: IF A MUSKY COULD THINK? I wonder who really has the advantage, you or the Musky? To hear some want-to-be Musky Read more

Port Clinton-Walleye Capital War

How many Walleye capitals can there be? You be the judge!     IS PORT CLINTON OHIO…..The Walleye Capital  of The World?  Most Walleye fisherman living near Chicago would rather fish Port Clinton on Lake Erie than any other lake in the Mid-West. For my money, it is truly the hottest of all Walleye fisheries. The […] Read more

The Great St.Joe Michigan

Spring salmon fishing in St. Joe, Michigan is second to none!  As the waters begin to warm in the spring, bait fish flock to these waters, bringing the predator fish with them. During this time fishing is phenomenal from all of southern Lake Michigan, especially the port of St Joseph. The warm outflow from the St […] Read more

Musky Mystique

 Since the 1800’s there has been enough written about Musky fishing, you could fill a semi truck with it! Some is just hype or myth,  some straight out lies and a whole lot of good publications written by some of your better know Musky guides.  It’s  sometimes difficult to separate the truth from the B.S. Indeed […] Read more

Great Lakes Trolling Flies

These (4) Great Lakes Trolling TyFlys are built using #4 2X strong treble hooks, 30 lb. high impact mono leaders. A Dodger, flasher or Spin Doctor gives action to the fly, causing the fly to flutter and weave thru the water. This action gives the fly the appearance that a salmon or trout (the doger, […] Read more

Musky vs Chinook Salmon

 There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process!  Question: What would you rather catch, a 32 lb musky, or a 28 lb King Salmon? NOTHING MAKES A FISH BIGGER THAN ALMOST BEING CAUGHT […] Read more

Lake Michigan Fishing

1965….A Year Which Will Live in Infamy! It all started back in 1965 when they stocked Lake Michigan with salmon and trout! There is no doubt, salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes most popular game fish. They are highly respected for their powerful long, line-stripping runs and hook bending strikes, as well as their […] Read more

Michigan City (Skamania)

Their overwhelming size and unmatched fighting power draw Great Lakes fisherman from near and far to sample the incredible action! What’s faster than a speeding bullet,  more powerful than a locomotive and  able to leap tall buildings  in a single bound? Is it a “Super fish”? No, it’s a skamania steelhead Trout, at least if you Read more

Pastrick Marina (Jerose Park)

  Pastricks East Chicago Marina   Seems to be the best all-around location in the south end. The first 30 boats to launch each morning are free. Then, it’s $15 to launch. Located off Cline Avenue near Inland Steel. West: West is best. You will be protected by the shoreline and have calm waters. South: […] Read more

Skamania Madness

Skamania Steelhead often fight so hard that by netting time they have exhausted themselves! Their overwhelming size and unmatched fighting power draw Great Lakes fisherman from near and far to sample the incredible action! For those of you that don’t know, a skamania steelhead is actually a strain of Rainbow Trout, also known as steelhead Read more


 This article is meant to be both humorous and educational depending on the reader! In some cases it might even clear up the thinking that some have about “TROLLING!”  Trolling is the practice of dragging a lure through water to attract your target fish   Most people know what trolling is when used in terms of fishing, […] Read more

Lake Michigan Boating Myth

A Great Man Once Said: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!” One day I noticed my neighbor was getting his new 16′  deep “v”  fishing  rig ready for a fishing trip.  I asked him,“Are you going to Lake Michigan?”  He looked at me and replied, “Hell no, Lake Michigan is too rough for […] Read more

Solunar Tables (Best Time To Fish)

THE MOON & FISHING SOLUNAR TABLES…..Best fishing Times On the good days there are always times when the fish seem more ravenous and more plentiful than at other times of that same day. These periods, as a rule, last about two hours. All of us try to plan to take advantage of those feeding periods […] Read more

Sister Bay (Close Encounter Of A Thirty Kind)

CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF A THIRTY KIND    SISTER BAY MARINA…..DOOR COUNTY PENINSULA WISCONSIN Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast […] Read more

Leadcore …..The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

(LEADCORE  FISHING LINE) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Some novice  fisherman don’t even know what lead core fishing line is, let alone how, when and where to use it. Well, it is simply a braided nylon line that has lead in the center.  It’s most commonly available in #18, #27, #36 pound tests, […] Read more

Lake Trout (Portage Indiana)

Belonging to the char group, the lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is known as togue (in the Northeast), mackinaw (in the West), and as gray trout in much of Canada. Native throughout Canada and across the northern United States, lake trout require cold, well-oxygenated waters from 43°F to 56°F. V  Bread & Butter Lake Trout Within Read more

Coho Salmon (The Wild One)

Coho Salmon, The Wild One! Just after the ice is out in late Winter, and the waters of southern Lake Michigan warm up,  thousands of  Salmon fisherman swarm to the ports of Indiana to troll the shore lines for the “Wild One!, ”  too experience  more fun, excitement and confusion than a power outage at a […] Read more

Planer Boards (Salmons Worst Nightmare)

    Planer board trolling….. The public enemy of Salmon, Trout and even Walleye! Just after ice out in late Winter, when the waters of southern Lake Michigan warm up,  thousands of  Salmon fisherman swarm to the ports of Indiana and Illinois to troll the shore lines for wild Coho and fighting steelhead. The use of […] Read more

Brown Trout (Longlining)

 Here’s a twelve pound Brown I caught long lining with one of my Great Lakes Trolling Flies…..  It was early Spring at one of  Illinois/Indiana Lake Michigans warm water discharges  at the southern end.  Notice the small spinner and the (glow in the dark) bead above the body…..This is a deadly lure/flasher combination I Read more

Lake Michigan South End (Early Ice Out)

Portage, Indiana (Latest fishing report Mar 17,15 Portage  & Pastrick Boat launches Not good at Portage…..piers are under water at the boat launch.  However, the piers at Pastrick were up high enough where you won`t need boots to launch. The lake was the color of sandy clay . GOOD LUCK. The wind was a little […] Read more

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