Detroit River, April Walleye

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March 3,2015 Report:

The fishing is phenomenal with millions of walleye heading into the river from Lake Erie.
Limits are the norm, with eye popping size fish early in the run. In 2014 we went late April and the big females were gone, but there was tons of 2-4lb males.

In 2013 we went around April 15th and the average size fish was 5-10lbs. 10lbers don’t get much more than a glance with many 7-9 lb. fish, early in the run.

You may want to consider a trip if you love walleye and don’t mind fishing in the industrial wasteland of Detroit.
I only have gone during the week and the crowds have not been an issue.
I could see how the weekends could be problematic.
We stayed at the Best Western in Woodhaven MI, close to the mouth of Lake Erie.
Local bait shops were good with info….

Another Report: Go to walleye central. Last year with the late ice out the fishing was fantastic about the 10th of April. Usually it starts about the first week in April. The pigs move in. Best walleye fishing in the world. As weather allows we also will hit wild wings in Ohio. About an hour and 15 minutes away. Fish the reefs for the eaters,  and troll the cans for the big ones.

If you don’t mind wall to wall boats, I say give it a try. However, if you like to using¬† planer boards or long flat lines and nothing else, take a pass!

Thanks For Looking…..Good Luck!

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