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Lake Michigan Top Ports

Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes and the sixth largest lake in the world. Bordered by Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin it is the only one of the Great Lakes that lies completely within the borders of the  United States. There are dozens of tributary creeks, streams and rivers that provide […] Read more

Great Lakes Trolling Flies

These (4) Great Lakes Trolling TyFlys are built using #4 2X strong treble hooks, 30 lb. high impact mono leaders. A Dodger, flasher or Spin Doctor gives action to the fly, causing the fly to flutter and weave thru the water. This action gives the fly the appearance that a salmon or trout (the doger, […] Read more

Winter Trout Fishing

Winter trout fishing can be a rugged sport, but at times the action is so hot that many great Lakes fisherman are trying it every year. Some are developing an avid love for fishing in the snow. November and December months bring wild restless winds, and a reminder that winter and snow is approaching. The […] Read more

Michigan City (Skamania)

Their overwhelming size and unmatched fighting power draw Great Lakes fisherman from near and far to sample the incredible action! What’s faster than a speeding bullet,  more powerful than a locomotive and  able to leap tall buildings  in a single bound? Is it a “Super fish”? No, it’s a skamania steelhead Trout, at least if you Read more

Solunar Tables (Best Time To Fish)

THE MOON & FISHING SOLUNAR TABLES…..Best fishing Times On the good days there are always times when the fish seem more ravenous and more plentiful than at other times of that same day. These periods, as a rule, last about two hours. All of us try to plan to take advantage of those feeding periods […] Read more

Lake Trout (Portage Indiana)

Belonging to the char group, the lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is known as togue (in the Northeast), mackinaw (in the West), and as gray trout in much of Canada. Native throughout Canada and across the northern United States, lake trout require cold, well-oxygenated waters from 43°F to 56°F. V  Bread & Butter Lake Trout Within Read more