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MUSKY HUNTERS (mox-nix attitude)

There has been so much written about Musky fishing, you could fill a semi truck with it! Some is just hype or myth, some straight out lies and a whole lot of good publications written by some of your better know Musky guides and a few well versed and experienced Musky hunters. However, at times […] Read more

Door County’s Baileys Harbor

Baileys  Harbor, is a premier fishing port on the Lake Michigan side of the Peninsula…. Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that […] Read more


Chicago area fishermen!  Go north for the best fishing you can find….. Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast in […] Read more

Lake Wissota Wisconsin

A VERTUAL FISH HATCHERY Over the past forty years, I have fished this lake many times. I have stayed in cabins, motels and the state campgrounds. There are several boat launches on the lake, and most are free. The surrounding towns are close and have many places to eat and shop. As far as the fishing goes, this […] Read more

Musky Killers!

CATCH… PHOTO…RELEASE! Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) is the common practice of musky anglers. The results of CPR have become obvious, more and bigger musky! CPR sounds easy, but even the most experienced musky hunter will tell you it can be difficult at times. Poor handling of a musky can defeat your best intentions of a […] Read more

Troll For Bigger Muskies

 Trolling open waters for the big girls! Let’s face it…..it’s not getting any easier to catch a Musky over thirty pounds. Now days , I think the myth of 10,000 casts is getting closer to being true for a fish that size!  Every year thousands of  fisherman beat the waters on our northern Musky waters […] Read more

Lake Vermilion Minnesota

Well known for its scenic beauty and fabulous Walleye fishing Lake Vermilion is a freshwater lake in northeastern Minnesota, United States. The Ojibwe originally called the lake Onamuni, which means “Lake of the Sunset Glow”. Way back in the day, when I was 16  years old, I went on a week’s  fishing trip with a […] Read more

Lake Of The Woods Canada

Lake of the Woods is a tremendous body of water, covering roughly 951,300 acres. There are over 14,000 islands scattered about the lake and about 52,000 miles of shoreline to cast! King Island is located on Sabaskong Bay, on the east side of Lake of the Woods. Sabaskong Bay offers a safe haven, with many […] Read more

Lake Michigan Top Ports

Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes and the sixth largest lake in the world. Bordered by Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin it is the only one of the Great Lakes that lies completely within the borders of the  United States. There are dozens of tributary creeks, streams and rivers that provide […] Read more

The Great St.Joe Michigan

Spring salmon fishing in St. Joe, Michigan is second to none!  As the waters begin to warm in the spring, bait fish flock to these waters, bringing the predator fish with them. During this time fishing is phenomenal from all of southern Lake Michigan, especially the port of St Joseph. The warm outflow from the St […] Read more

North For Northern Pike

Back in the day, up in the Ontario bush a contest for the “weirdest-lure was won by a person that caught an eight-pound Northern Pike on a red toothbrush with a treble hook!   Don’t think for one minute that a trophy Northern pike is that easy to catch!  A twenty pound  ‘Jack’ can be […] Read more

Great Lakes Trolling Flies

These (4) Great Lakes Trolling TyFlys are built using #4 2X strong treble hooks, 30 lb. high impact mono leaders. A Dodger, flasher or Spin Doctor gives action to the fly, causing the fly to flutter and weave thru the water. This action gives the fly the appearance that a salmon or trout (the doger, […] Read more

Great Lakes Salmon (King & Queen)

Chinook (The King of the Great Lakes) The power, strength, speed, endurance and awesome fighting capabilities of an adult Chinook Salmon makes them worthy of the title “KING.” Fighting a 30 pounder provides enough excitement to rank as the ultimate trolling thrill! There is no doubt, Chinook Salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes […] Read more

Lake Michigan Fishing

1965….A Year Which Will Live in Infamy! It all started back in 1965 when they stocked Lake Michigan with salmon and trout! There is no doubt, salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes most popular game fish. They are highly respected for their powerful long, line-stripping runs and hook bending strikes, as well as their […] Read more