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The Great St.Joe Michigan

Spring salmon fishing in St. Joe, Michigan is second to none!  As the waters begin to warm in the spring, bait fish flock to these waters, bringing the predator fish with them. During this time fishing is phenomenal from all of southern Lake Michigan, especially the port of St Joseph. The warm outflow from the St […] Read more

Fishing the Door

The fantastic Door County Peninsula   Some day when the fisher of men calls your number, consider yourself  fortunate if you’re granted your last wish to fish just one more time.  And if and when the opportunity presents itself, you just might want to make that last cast in the waters off the Door County […] Read more

Lake Trout (Portage Indiana)

Belonging to the char group, the lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is known as togue (in the Northeast), mackinaw (in the West), and as gray trout in much of Canada. Native throughout Canada and across the northern United States, lake trout require cold, well-oxygenated waters from 43°F to 56°F. V  Bread & Butter Lake Trout Within Read more

Indiana Ports

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife has been stocking salmon and trout along northwest Indiana’s shoreline since the late 1960’s. The area stocked extends from Michigan City to Whiting, Indiana and includes sites along the St. Joseph River, Trail Creek and the East Branch of the Little Read more

Dipsi Divers(The Poor Man’s Down Rigger)

The Famous Dipsy Diver (The poor man’s downrigger) Dipsi Divers, often called a poor man’s downrigger, are one of the greatest trolling  inventions of recent times.  In many ways, I think that  are even more effective than downriggers, because of the spread they offer(above). Downriggers are more effective in the Summer months when Read more

Coho Salmon (The Wild One)

Coho Salmon, The Wild One! Just after the ice is out in late Winter, and the waters of southern Lake Michigan warm up,  thousands of  Salmon fisherman swarm to the ports of Indiana to troll the shore lines for the “Wild One!, ”  too experience  more fun, excitement and confusion than a power outage at a […] Read more