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Lake Trout (Portage Indiana)

Belonging to the char group, the lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is known as togue (in the Northeast), mackinaw (in the West), and as gray trout in much of Canada. Native throughout Canada and across the northern United States, lake trout require cold, well-oxygenated waters from 43°F to 56°F. V  Bread & Butter Lake Trout Within Read more

Skamania Steelhead Rainbow Trouts

What is the difference between a Skamania Steelhead and Rainbow Trout? (STEELHEAD TROUT) (RAINBOW TROUT) (Skamania Trout)     Lake Michigan Steelhead Life Cycle  Many people think that Steelhead and Rainbow Trout’s are exactly the same fish. In truth, they are similar but not the same, although they belong to the same species. Read more
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Chinook Salmon (The King)

The ‘KING’ of the Great Lakes The power, strength, speed, endurance and awesome fighting capabilities of an adult Chinook Salmon makes them worthy of the title “KING.” Fighting a 30 pounder provides enough excitement to rank as the ultimate trolling thrill! There is no doubt, salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes most Read more