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Musky Hunters! Setting the hook…..

Did you know most novice, and even some experienced Musky Hunters still don’t know the proper way to set the hook? Well, you are not alone. I didn’t learn myself until I lost a number of good sized Muskies. As we all know, the goal in setting the hook is to move a lure through […] Read more

MUSKY HUNTERS (mox-nix attitude)

There has been so much written about Musky fishing, you could fill a semi truck with it! Some is just hype or myth, some straight out lies and a whole lot of good publications written by some of your better know Musky guides and a few well versed and experienced Musky hunters. However, at times […] Read more

Little Green Lake, Wisconsin

     Most Musky hunters are aware of this great little Musky  lake located just about 180 miles north of Chicago. Little Green is a  467 acre lake, maximum depth 25 ft.  located just 2.1 miles from Markesan, in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Don’t be fooled by the name “little”, as this lake has been […] Read more


DNR studies have found that introducing muskies into waters where they previously did not exist has had negligible impact on other fish species. There is a myth out there being spread by many novice and walleye fisherman that do not fish for Muskies. They complain that their favorite  fish are being depleted by Musky. This myth could not be Read more

Solunar Muskies

MUSKY HUNTERS! As you know, there probably has been more written about Musky fishing than there are Muskies! Maybe you think that you know most everything there is about the great sport, or maybe you are just starting out. Well, this article will add to what you think you know, or what you have read, or […] Read more

Lake Wissota Wisconsin

A VERTUAL FISH HATCHERY Over the past forty years, I have fished this lake many times. I have stayed in cabins, motels and the state campgrounds. There are several boat launches on the lake, and most are free. The surrounding towns are close and have many places to eat and shop. As far as the fishing goes, this […] Read more

A Bucktail Of Another Color

DO BUCKTAIL COLORS REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? As the noted TEA PARTY ASS HOLE Sarah Palin would say, “You Betcha!” This bucktail accounts for more Musky trophies caught than any others! Many of your noted Musky Hunters, including myself, say any color is ok, as long as it is BLACK! Indeed a black Musky Giant Killer bucktail is what Read more

Troll For Bigger Muskies

 Trolling open waters for the big girls! Let’s face it…..it’s not getting any easier to catch a Musky over thirty pounds. Now days , I think the myth of 10,000 casts is getting closer to being true for a fish that size!  Every year thousands of  fisherman beat the waters on our northern Musky waters […] Read more

Think Like A Musky!

                                                                                    WOW!  I Love This Spot! THINK LIKE A MUSKY?? BETTER YET: IF A MUSKY COULD THINK? I wonder who really has the advantage, you or the Musky? To hear some want-to-be Musky Read more

Lake Vermilion Minnesota

Well known for its scenic beauty and fabulous Walleye fishing Lake Vermilion is a freshwater lake in northeastern Minnesota, United States. The Ojibwe originally called the lake Onamuni, which means “Lake of the Sunset Glow”. Way back in the day, when I was 16  years old, I went on a week’s  fishing trip with a […] Read more

Lake Of The Woods Canada

Lake of the Woods is a tremendous body of water, covering roughly 951,300 acres. There are over 14,000 islands scattered about the lake and about 52,000 miles of shoreline to cast! King Island is located on Sabaskong Bay, on the east side of Lake of the Woods. Sabaskong Bay offers a safe haven, with many […] Read more

Musky Fishing Myths

  How would you like to go to a weed bed with this one?   There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process!  NOTHING MAKES A FISH BIGGER THAN ALMOST BEING CAUGHT There are […] Read more

Musky vs Chinook Salmon

 There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process!  Question: What would you rather catch, a 32 lb musky, or a 28 lb King Salmon? NOTHING MAKES A FISH BIGGER THAN ALMOST BEING CAUGHT […] Read more

Michigan’s Lake St.Clair Musky

Musky Fishing at Lake St.Clair After fishing for Musky in Wisconsin and Canada for many years, I think your best shot to hook up with a trophy Musky,  is at  Lake Saint Clair in Michigan. This super fishery system contains Lake St. Clair,  St. Clair river and Detroit river. Studies have shown that this chain has more musky per […] Read more