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Winter Walleyes Why Winter is a Great Time to Walleye Fish Most recent update: Posted: 07:50pm – Nov 9,14 We were prepped for steelies and eyes. We tried store bought spawn sacks for steelies. Floating and off the bottom. No bites. I mainly fished for walleye though, caught 6, lost a big one at the […] Read more

Lake Michigan Top Ports

Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes and the sixth largest lake in the world. Bordered by Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin it is the only one of the Great Lakes that lies completely within the borders of the  United States. There are dozens of tributary creeks, streams and rivers that provide […] Read more


 This article is meant to be both humorous and educational depending on the reader! In some cases it might even clear up the thinking that some have about “TROLLING!”  Trolling is the practice of dragging a lure through water to attract your target fish   Most people know what trolling is when used in terms of fishing, […] Read more

Leadcore …..The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

(LEADCORE  FISHING LINE) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Some novice  fisherman don’t even know what lead core fishing line is, let alone how, when and where to use it. Well, it is simply a braided nylon line that has lead in the center.  It’s most commonly available in #18, #27, #36 pound tests, […] Read more