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FALL LAKE TROUT (Burns Ditch, Indiana)

SPAWNING LAKERS (BURNS DITCH, PORTAGE INDIANA) Fishing this year out of Burns Ditch , Portage Indiana has been terrible! Although nothing has been normal this year, there still might be some hope for  some hardy anglers who remain active late into the fall! They might get in on some great lake trout fishing when the […] Read more
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SPAWNING LAKERS (Burns Ditch, Portage Indiana)

Lake Trout display a spawning pattern close to the Port of Indiana, with a run of Lake Trout that develops along the shoreline between mid-October and mid-november….. ATTN: Great Lakes fisherman! If the picture on the left don’t get your attention, nothing will!  The few hardy anglers who remain active late into the fall can Read more

Water Temperature

Water temperature is always important, no matter what you are trolling for on the Great Lakes ; yet many  fisherman never even think to consider it. Because fish are cold blooded, they take on the temperature of their environment. That doesn’t mean they like it though. Every Great Lakes game fish has its own prefered […] Read more


 This article is meant to be both humorous and educational depending on the reader! In some cases it might even clear up the thinking that some have about “TROLLING!”  Trolling is the practice of dragging a lure through water to attract your target fish   Most people know what trolling is when used in terms of fishing, […] Read more