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Early Ice Out Salmon Bonanza

Southern Lake Michigan is the capital of the Coho Salmon fishery. Indiana’s shoreline begins  attracting crowds of boats as soon as the ice leaves, usually in March.  If it warms up and we get lots of warm rain towards the end of February, no doubt it could be early March. Let’s hope so! Small boat […] Read more

Great Lakes Salmon (King & Queen)

Chinook (The King of the Great Lakes) The power, strength, speed, endurance and awesome fighting capabilities of an adult Chinook Salmon makes them worthy of the title “KING.” Fighting a 30 pounder provides enough excitement to rank as the ultimate trolling thrill! There is no doubt, Chinook Salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes […] Read more

Lake Michigan Fishing

1965….A Year Which Will Live in Infamy! It all started back in 1965 when they stocked Lake Michigan with salmon and trout! There is no doubt, salmon claim the title as the Great Lakes most popular game fish. They are highly respected for their powerful long, line-stripping runs and hook bending strikes, as well as their […] Read more

Lake Michigan Trolling (Quick Reference)

Trolling for Salmon and Trout (ten rules of thumb) Now that you landed here, I just want to let you know this is a vast subject…..These are just a few how to  tips you can copy & paste and keep  in your boat for an easy reference. Safety first….. life jackets for each person, at […] Read more
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