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DNR studies have found that introducing muskies into waters where they previously did not exist has had negligible impact on other fish species. There is a myth out there being spread by many novice and walleye fisherman that do not fish for Muskies. They complain that their favorite  fish are being depleted by Musky. This myth could not be Read more

Troll For Bigger Muskies

 Trolling open waters for the big girls! Let’s face it…..it’s not getting any easier to catch a Musky over thirty pounds. Now days , I think the myth of 10,000 casts is getting closer to being true for a fish that size!  Every year thousands of  fisherman beat the waters on our northern Musky waters […] Read more

Think Like A Musky!

                                                                                    WOW!  I Love This Spot! THINK LIKE A MUSKY?? BETTER YET: IF A MUSKY COULD THINK? I wonder who really has the advantage, you or the Musky? To hear some want-to-be Musky Read more