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Boat & Trailer Maintenance

YEARLY BOAT & TRAILER INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE Check the coupler on the trailer. Make sure all parts move freely and are rust and crack free. Lube if necessary. Inspect trailer jack and wheel. Lube pivot shaft and wheel if necessary. Check all running lights. Inspect either bunks or rollers for excessive wearing, broken board, torn Read more

Ice Fishing! It’s Cool & Fun…..

ICE FISHING! A Cool Winter Sport….. Really Cool For These Two! In the winter months, for many sportsmen, a popular activity is ice fishing, Although it might not appeal to all, many fisherman actually prefer fishing through the ice to open-water fishing. For one thing, anglers can get just about anywhere on the lake during the […] Read more

Fishing Calendar Periods

The Calendar Periods Image result for fishing calendar periods The Calendar divides the fishing year into 10 periods of fish response. These Calendar Periods are at the mercy of Mother Nature, so there is no certain number of days, nor do they occur on specific dates each year. Since Calendar Periods depend on climate and […] Read more

Wisconsin Motor Trolling (New Laws)

On July 1, 2015, the regulations on motor trolling in Wisconsin changed Trolling defined According to NR 20.03(40) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, “troll” or “trolling” means fishing by trailing any lure, bait or similar device that may be used to attract or catch fish from a boat propelled by a means other than Read more

Detroit River, April Walleye

March 3,2015 Report: The fishing is phenomenal with millions of walleye heading into the river from Lake Erie. Limits are the norm, with eye popping size fish early in the run. In 2014 we went late April and the big females were gone, but there was tons of 2-4lb males. In 2013 we went around […] Read more
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St. Joeph River Fishing (Special Regulations)

These are the special regulations that apply to fishing the St. Joseph River and its tributaries from the Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka, downstream to the Michigan State line: Minimum size for trout and salmon is 14 inches. No fishing is allowed at any time in the East Race Waterway in South Bend. No fishing […] Read more

2015 Illinois Sport License $1.00

Sport license for Illinois residents over seventy-five is now $1.00! Waives the fee for Salmon Stamps, Inland Trout Stamps,  State Migratory Waterfowl Stamps, State Habitat Stamps, Pheasant Stamps and State Furbearer Stamps for Illinois residents who are over 75 years of age. August 2014 — On August 1, Governor Pat Quinn signed a law that Read more

Walleye (Leech vs Hook Size)

Leeches are the most plentiful of all walleye baits. They are  natural to all bodies of water including ponds, creeks, marshes, streams,rivers and lakes. When using leeches for walleye it’s  important that the right size hook is used for the size of the leech that you are using. In general, the smaller the bait the […] Read more
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The Ice Holes!

 If you have never been ICE FISHING, there are a few things you should know. First of all, do not go out and buy anything quite yet! A spinning rod and reel will  do fine for starters.  I have know some that thought they would like to try ICE FISHING, only to find that they […] Read more

Lake Michigan Smoking Ban

  “IT’S A BREATH OF FRESH AIR,” said Joel Africk, president and CEO of the Respiratory Health Association. Lake Michigan fisherman don’t panic!  If you are a smoker, you will be able to destroy your lungs all you want if you are on your boat, as it is private property, park district spokeswoman Kiera Ellis […] Read more

Catch More Walleye

There are some clear cut principles and trends that most experienced Walleye hunters know, or at least think they know. However, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the subject now and then. Because there are never 100% clear cut situations but only relative specific circumstances, you can pick and choose from the following that […] Read more
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Summer Walleye (weeds)

Over the years most fishing sport authors, fisherman or not, perpetuate the notion that all walleyes live in deep water on the rocks. Truth is, that’s not the case! Yes, some walleye groups do make seasonal use of deep water. However, it has been known for some time now that weeds play a far more […] Read more
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Lake Michigan Kayak Fishing

Many times while fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan,  just outside the channel of Burns Ditch Indiana, I have seen Kayaks on the water. Some were fishing and others just enjoying being on the water paddling along as if they had someplace to go. Even on calm days, which is rare on the big pond, […] Read more

Save On Tackle

If you are like me, you want to save as much as you can on your fishing tackle!  Use these six money saving tips to stretch your hard-earned bucks! 1. Go on-line  Before I buy any tackle, I go to ! There is a ton of new and used fishing stuff…..If you don’t have […] Read more