Salmon Location “The X Factor”

Those of us that troll on the Great Lakes for Salmon generally do not know where the Salmon are on a daily basis. It all depends on several conditions, like water temperature, wind direction and time of the year. Salmons do migrate and sometimes it is difficult to know exactly when.

There is one sure way of knowing exactly where the Salmon will be, from day to day.  It’s called the “X factor”.

If you don’t own a boat, rent a 16′ deep V aluminum boat with at least a 50 HP outboard engine. Start trolling as soon as you get your rods out. When you get a hit, mark the bottom of the boat with an “X”. This will give you the location that you can use until the fish stop hitting. There is only one thing you should know about this system: You have to rent the same boat every time.

All kidding aside, now is  when it is the easiest time to find salmon and trout…..All that is necessary is to find the warmest water near the shore line of southern Lake Michigan. Most salmon fisherman know that Indiana is the hottest area to troll for salmon. Planer boards and flat lines and two-three colors on lead line rigs are what most trollers use this time of year.

Got a small boat? Get out there and give it a try!

A great day for God and fishermen on Lake Michigan on EASTER day:

   did not intend to fish Sunday. But my partner called and said we better get fishing.
I declared a fishing emergency. I tried to scare the regular crew, but Easter plans were hampering the effort.
I snagged my neighbor and his son and my daughters boyfriend, and the crew was set.
We ended with 25, we had the best 15 of 20 here for a pic, then I started cleaning.

On the way back we got 5 more. The king was a bonus, thought is was a snag for moment until it started screaming, at the back of the boat it wrapped up 3 lines and we hand lined it the last 4 ft into the net,
King – 4 color right off the back of the boat, double orange crush.
Gold jimmy spoons caught browns, coho flies(original 2 tone and blue green gold) caught browns and cohos.
2 lakers, one on a fly, one on a NBK on a downrigger. Same place as last week, great lakes to Lake forest, 15 to 25.

Dispeys OK, yellow birds were the best.

Just outside the mudline was the best, although the 2 biggest were right in the mud at 17 ft.


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