Port Clinton-Walleye Capital War

How many Walleye capitals can there be? You be the judge!



IS PORT CLINTON OHIO…..The Walleye Capital  of The World?

 Most Walleye fisherman living near Chicago would rather fish Port Clinton on Lake Erie than any other lake in the Mid-West. For my money, it is truly the hottest of all Walleye fisheries. The Western Basin on the lake including the productive reefs along the islands,  ranks as the all time greatest trophy Walleye fishery in the world. This is where most Chicago area Walleye fisherman go to catch big trophy “Eyes” . In the Fall it is not uncommon to haul in fish over ten pounds on a regular basis. These fertile waters continue to please even inexperienced fisherman by using guides to bring them to the best spots on the lake. Therefore, I think most would agree that indeed Port Clinton on Lake Erie is the “Walleye Capital of the world!”

Here is what one walleye fisherman had to say about the port:

Hello, Only been to Erie a few times but enjoyed moderate success without a guide. First thing is pick a time -in early spring the fish are real close to the U.S. side, probably only a mile or so off shore, hanging out over the reefs. At that time it is usually a jig,minnow bite. Of course this is when the weather is most volatile, Erie is much shallower than Michigan so it picks up more quickly be careful. You must be prepared to spend the whole trip in your hotel room if the wind is kicking, live to fight another day. As year progresses the fish move out farther and deeper and the bite turns to crawler harness, trolling spoons. Like I said I was a total novice(still am) and I just drifted or trolled bottom bouncers(about 2 oz. most of time) with crawler harnesses and always put fish in boat. It was the easiest to do, no boards, dipsys, lead core or anything, just hold on to your rod let line out till the bouncer is just hitting bottom and wait for the strike. Of course it is probably not the most productive method but sometimes my boat put more in than others around. If the bite is on it’s on. I stay in marblehead which is about 20 min. east of Port Clinton. I launch at Mazurik which is a great, gorgeous launch and it’s free.  Kelleys island is NNE and the sister islands are NW. Sometimes I will drive 20 back west and launch out of Wild Wings,another great launch and last time I was there it was 10 bucks. If I launch there I will be fishing the A can to B can area.
Here is what another friend had to say:
Port Clinton is the place to go if you want multiple BIG walleye – 28″ are common, 25″ are considered pests never caught so many big fish in my life. Mid-Spring is the time to go and yes it gets very rough, just like Lake Michigan. I would suggest getting a guide the first day you are out there so you can pickup some tips and find out where the bite is located as the fish move around a little bit. Seems everyone runs spinners on boards and in certain conditions they will run deep cranks. There are people who know a whole heck of lot more than I do so hopefully they will chime in, but hopefully this will give you a starting point.

Naturally I’m partial, as I live closer to Port Clinton! It does seem that the Walleyes run smaller up north, and a whole lot bigger from Lake Erie!

The Walleye is a favorite catch for sportsmen angling in America’s north-central lake regions. But the glassy-eyed, needle-toothed fish’s popularity only partially explains the pile-up of redundant “Walleye Capital of the World”

There can be only ONE Walleye Capital of the World.

I think this thinking has changed since 1965! Just ask any walleye fisherman that you know, and see what they have to say!

Garrison, Minnesota: Walleye worship became official in Minnesota after it was designated as the state fish in 1965 by the MN legislature. Moving quickly, the town of Garrison declared itself “Walleye Capital of the World,” in part because the adjacent lake, Mille Lacs, is the most popular walleye spot in Minnesota. A scant 15 years later, they commissioned a 15-ft. long fiberglass Walleye Pike for display in an annual parade. Today it is permanently installed along the shores of Mille Lacs.

There are, and have been other cities that claim the same thing…..It seems like it depends on where you!  At any rate, you can judge for yourself…..It may never be decided!

Building…..More to come!