The Great St.Joe Michigan

Spring salmon fishing in St. Joe, Michigan is second to none!  As the waters begin to warm in the spring, bait fish flock to these waters, bringing the predator fish with them. During this time fishing is phenomenal from all of southern Lake Michigan, especially the port of St Joseph. The warm outflow from the St Joseph River and the Cook Power Plant draw large schools of fish from all around Lake Michigan. Large catches of Coho and King salmon are common, as well as great numbers of Lake Trout, Steelhead, & Brown Trout are caught each year. This port is about 120 miles from my home in Illinois, so I don’t fish here all that much. The times I have fished it, I did quite well fishing with downriggers just outside the river mouth. The Summer months are when this port really becomes active, as the Chinooks are plenty and good sized. This is a nice fishing port to bring your family, as there are many places to stay, some good restaurants in town and a good sand beach as well. There is plenty of parking next to the ramps, and a couple of fantastic bait shops close by. It’s just a great place to fish and have a good time with the family.

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Post Posted: 07:50pm – Nov 9,14
We were prepped for steelies and eyes. We tried store bought spawn sacks for steelies. Floating and off the bottom. No bites. I mainly fished for walleye though, caught 6, lost a big one at the boat, kept 2. Once I figured it out my buddies each got a couple also. We fished down and up river from shamrock park. I guess most of the boats were down river since there were only a few up river. Parking lot was nearly full so I figured it would be super busy.
Thanks IA for the tips. I have to get set up a bit better for the steelies next time. All in all it was a good day on the river. Pics to come if I get to it
Posted: 09:01am – Dec 9,12
Had a great day of fishing in Bills boat. Was pretty pumped about about fishing the Joe and a chance at my first steelhead. We new that it may be tuff with the low water this year. Bill had explained his trolling system to me but I really didn’t grasp it until we were actually doing it. Really pretty amazing the way he controls the boat and presents the lures.
We had 2 hits by noon. One was a steely for sure but was off by the time I pulled the rod out of the holder. Time was passing and we were well into the afternoon .Its been a disappointing fall fishing season for me. High temps, low water and a million more excuses . I had negative thoughts about a skunk but shrugged them off and we kept grinding because there is no room for such thoughts for a successful trip. We ventured further downriver to try a few more of Bills spots and got the hit we were waiting for. A good fight ensued, including several runs, jumps and even a death roll. My first steely was in the boat.

  Walleye fishing on St. Joseph river is truely outstanding. Walleye are a native species to the St. Joe river. Our walleye have excellent color, are robust and good fighters and are the reason why the St. Joseph river system is fast becoming one of Michigan’s best producing walleye areas in the state.

– Fishing for walleye is “hands on” , we either drift with the current or “back-troll” depending on the river conditions.

– Although we target walleye, small mouth bass , which are fun to catch on light tackle, and catfish, are caught occasionally as part of our mixed summer bag

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