Lake Michigan Trolling (Quick Reference)

Trolling for Salmon and Trout (ten rules of thumb)

Now that you landed here, I just want to let you know this is a vast subject…..These are just a few how to  tips you can copy & paste and keep  in your boat for an easy reference.

  1. Safety first….. life jackets for each person, at least one throwable boat cushion with a rope attached, flares, fire extinguisher, horn, weather band type radio or cell phone and first aid kit.
  2. Trolling speed….. 2.4-2.7 mph speed over ground.
  3. Water temperature…..46 to 59 degrees most favorable.
  4. Downriggers are most effective. Line counters a must for controlled depth.
  5. Add-a-line on downriggers less hassle than two rods stacked on one downrigger.
  6. Lead length for flashers and flies on downriggers…..9 to 12 feet 
  7. Lead length for spoons and plugs on downriggers…..9 to 25 feet. Note: Some trollers recommend longer at times (watch tangles)
  8. Lead length for J-Plugs on downriggers…..15 to 25 feet.
  9. Flasher flies leader length 23 inches.
  10. 7 to 9 foot rods for downriggers and boards. 10 foot rods for Dipsy Divers and 10 color or more leadcore fishing. Note: Here is a  link….. downrigger trolling for salmon:
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