Solunar Muskies

MUSKY HUNTERS! As you know, there probably has been more written about Musky fishing than there are Muskies! Maybe you think that you know most everything there is about the great sport, or maybe you are just starting out. Well, this article will add to what you think you know, or what you have read, or maybe you already know what I’m going to discuss. At any rate, use the information, or just keep on doing what you want. In any case, if you have an open mind, please read on.

On the good days there are always times when the fish seem more ravenous and more plentiful than at other times of that same day. These periods, as a rule, last about two hours. All of us try to plan to take advantage of those feeding periods at dawn and dusk. But the “odd-hour” periods which occur during the day – and night– must be stumbled upon by luck unless you have a crystal ball, or just maybe you could follow the Solunar Tables!

Think back…..Remember the day, when it was hot and sunny and nothing was happening! No follows, no hits and not even as much as a Seagull swooping the water…..You had been up since 5:00  A.M. and your arms were just about ready to fall off.  It was about 10:00 o’clock and you were about ready to call it a day. Well, you thought! I’ll make one more cast to the edge of a promising weed bed…..You flipped your bucktail, started your retrieve and all hell broke lose! You got your first Musky of the day. It only measured about 33 inches, so you quickly released it.  You continued to get follows and near misses for the next hour. Why all of a sudden could this be happening?  Well, I would bet you $37 bucks it all happened during a major period shown on the Solunar tables.

 Years ago, before I started to use the Solunar Tables, I became aware that most of my action came between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. Why I thought? I just could not figure it out, so I started to ask questions of some of the locals and other Musky Hunters. Finally a friend of mine read something about Solunar Tables, and he told me about them.  At first I though he was just pulling my leg and I resisted the idea. Well, I thought what did I have to loose! I checked the tables and noted that without fail, there was a major feeding period around 10:00 AM when I caught  my Muskies, and had most of my action….. This was the same story around 2:00 PM on many days. I quickly learned that I did not have to break my ass getting to the boat launch at day break. All I needed was enough time to launch my boat and get to my first spot before 9:30 AM.   You see, there are two majors and two minor periods every day. Most of the time the majors are at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The minors are generally in the early morning and  later on in the evening. Records show that most trophy Muskies are caught between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Most of the Musky hunters I knew at the time, including myself,  pounded the water from day break to around nine or ten in the morning! Then they would get off the lake, slow down or just fish for another species of fish, in time to miss the 1st major of the day…..In many cases they would not get back on the lake until the evening hours, missing the second major of the day, as well. Makes alot of sense, dosen’t it? Now, when I fish for Muskies, I put in most of my efforts during the majors and relax at other times of the day. Isn’t Musky fishing trying enough without causing self inflected pain?

There will be days when the Musky fishing will be better than one’s most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over working or just sitting home thinking about your next fishing trip!

Thanks for Looking…..Good Fishing!