North Point Marina (Winthrop Harbor)Reports

Winthrop harbor is home to North Point Marina, the largest marina on the Great Lakes. With over 1,500 boat slips, plus public beaches recreation facilities and second-to-none charter fishing. North Point Marina is destination to over one million visitors every summer.

After the water starts to warm up in May and June, this is where many salmon trollers go deep with downriggers, Dipsi divers and leadcore fishing line. This is the time and place where many twenty-pound plus kings are taken on a regular basis. Some trophy sized  thirty pound plus kings are also taken every year as well.

Some of the best Salmon fishing of the year is going on right now at Winthrop Harbor (North Point Marina). All of the reports are saying the King’s, Coho’s are hitting. There are also steelhead being caught. Here are some recent reports:

Jun 24,14

Quick report. Went out solo. Line in around 1630 n line out around 2030. Best dept for me around 50-65fow between NP n the the nuke. Lots of bait balls and lots of fish around. Also Found out later on that slower speed was the ticket. Trolling S around 2-2.2sog n trolling N between 1.6-1.8sog. Got multiple hits/doubles on that speed but my catching ratio was horrible. Ended with a limit all coho but out of maybe 12 or more… My best set up was a green n gold peanut. Second my wire diver Green protroll n green glow howie. third hey babe steel wire down 30’…


Jun 7,14

Heard reports of fish close to Waukegan Harbor (20-40) but I do not like troll shallow and decided to go out deep.Lake was on its best behavior.

Ended day with 2 coho and 6 or 7 steelhead. Shook 6 if not 8 lakers. 1 baby king released.

Best speed was 3mph – that did not keep lakers away and they were pretty fightsy
Best lake depth – 180 (caught fish 160 – 240, coho in 70)
Best setup – 6 color leadcore
Best spoon – bluberry muffin
Best fish depth – top 50 feet, 42 F water was 50 deep, one exception – our largest rainbow hit the downrigger set 70 down so do not be afraid to fish deeper.

Jun 1,14
Great day on the water, weather perfect and had to work for the fish all morning long.Fished from 6-noon
Location: North of Lake Forest to Great Lakes, between 15-17 lines
Depths: 80-120FOW
9 rod spread; 2 riggers, 2 wire diver, 2 braid divers, 2 10-color and 1 3-color
Speed: 2.4-2.8 GPS
Total: 9/15; 6 kings, 2 coho, 1 laker
Hot set-ups that caught more than 1 fish..
high diver woderbread flasher w/Aqua fly out 75-125
SWR rigger 70-80dwn Proking Wonderbread Mag Foil spoon
10 colors w/uv koolaid or blue dolphin spoon
Ran meat with no luck throughout the day

Started north of Lake Forest in 80OFW and had 2 hits within 1st 1/2hr, but lost, one was a large king that came unbutton 50ft behind the boat. By 8:45 we were 2 for 4 and was going to pull and run deep if nothing happened by 9am. Wouldn’t you know it we landed 2 more at 9am, so we stuck in the area with tight passes and picked away at them to get 9 in the boat. With 10 minutes to fish, the 10 color goes off and hoping for that 10th fish, not our luck as it came undone with 2 colors left to reel in. All in all not a bad day with 5 low teen kings and 2 nice coho.

The fish fry and brats were outstanding. Thanks John for the great food!


May 26th

Got out of the harbor about 8:15. Motored out checking the graph a few times to see what was there. Decided to drop lines near the hills. While one of the crew was setting a yellow bird the first fish was on before the bird was attached. So it started to look like a good day. 45 FOW with LJ red OO dodger and a green peanut fly, Coho in the box. Ran a mixed bag of lures and D/F. We decided to do a fixed slider on a DR and ran a silver / green spoon. Good choice as we had a nice Steelhead that did a few jumps dragging the dodger/fly with the spoon. The best hit of the morning was a 16 1/4 King (as weighted by the DNR guy). As of the time we were at the cleaning station, it was the biggest seen that morning. That changed when a 17 lb. King came in a shorty while later as we were cleaning fish. We worked the 45 to 55 range about midway to the nuke. With things quiet started moving out as there was radio traffic of fish the 130 range. Out in the 100 range found a few more fish. Last fish on was another Steelhead but lost a the back of the boat when the spoon got hooked on the outside of the net. Almost made it into the boat but fell off. Ended with 5 for 6.
Surface temp was around 55 and 47 30 down. Trolling speed ran from 2.2 at the ball to 2.8.

Fished north point Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we got out around 8 and my partner wanted some kings so we trolled dodger flies and had two Coho dodger peanut flies for good measure. It was pretty slow but we went 4 for 6 with two Coho and 2 steelhead. My partner measured the big steelhead on his bathroom scale at home, 18lbs. What a fight! We trolled north that day just over the border.

Sunday went out with another friend and it took us from sunup to 2:30 but we got our limit, 8 Coho and 2 steelhead. Most hit the dodger peanut fly on boards, one on a down rigger and two on dispeys. One spoon rest flies.

Some charter rigs just think they own the lake!

Some morons out Sunday. I was on a south troll and came upon a bigger boat fighting a fish. Both were in the back fighting the fish for a good 5 minutes steering the boat. Their boat over that coarse turned about 100 degrees and I made some adjustments to the east to stay clear but even when they got back on the wheel kept coming. We got parallel and my outside board was in their spread. They started yelling “yellowbirds” over and over and I yelled you haven’t steered your boat in over 5 minutes! We parted in a y, they got ahead of me and wouldn’t you know it they turn a 90 right in front of me! They immediately start yelling again, we have 300 feet of line out! I yelled back, why dont you drive like it! By then I was going northeast. Unbelievable. Had two more boats turn 90 right into me after that. Most boats seems to get it.





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