Musky Secrets

  There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process! 

Some of what I’m going to write will  be debated, and I’m sure some highly respected Musky Hunters will disagree with me as well!  As a matter of fact…..there are probably more opinions about the subject than there are Muskies caught every year!

This I know for a fact: Life is much to short to argue about something that is mostly a matter of opinion  anyway…..This article is about what I have learned over the past forty years about Musky fishing, and I’m certainly not an expert…..I leave that to the die hard Musky hunters that have  contracted the dread  disease called “MUSKY FEVER!” (see my article called Musky Fever)

Many years ago when gas prices were about a $1.50 per gallon, my friends and I made many trips to the Musky belt in northern Wisconsin.  We fished the Minocqua chain, Lake Madeline, Carol Lake, Big and Little St.Germain lakes , Big and Little Arbor Vitae lakes, Trout Lake, Lac Vieux Desert, Chippewa Flowage, Eagle River, Tomahawk Lake, Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Spider Lake, Lake Duroy & Long lakes, Lake Wissota, Lake St. Clair in Michigan and many other lakes. We also made several trips to Lake of The Wood, Canada. I tell you this just to show I am a seasoned Musky hunter myself!

To catch a legal Musky is more about luck than anything else. It is primarily a numbers game…..Once a few things are learned it becomes a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Most  accomplished Musky guys know where, when and how to be at this right place. The rest is mostly time spent on the water! I think, the type lures, leader and line have little to do with a successful hunt. Terminal tackle being  the most important!  Here again,  if you happen to be where the fish is,  then you just might get lucky!

 Every year, big muskies are caught while  fishing for Walleye with a small jig & minnow! Once I saw a fisherman landing a  Musky over thirty pounds using an old rod and reel with black braided line…..There have been times large Muskies have been taken by women fishing with a  cane pole, with a float and a worm. Over the years I have heard stories of people catching a trophy Musky on there first cast! One person actually caught a good  one on a piece of hot dog! The truth is:  Muskies are more difficult to catch than other species because there just are not enough to go around in any given lake. Although “Catch & Release” has caught on, there are still assholes  out there that keep Muskies to eat, or just for proof that they finally caught one. Some even keep legal sized Muskies to mount, regardless of their size. How about the fools that  KILL  Muskies by using SUCKERS!  It should be banned…..   Also,  Musky fishing pressure has become unbelievable! 

In my humble opinion, a  a black Bucktail  spinner is the best lure ever invented.    I personally prefer a Musky Giant Killer.  This lure has taken more Muskies than any other.

Let’s tell it like it is Musky hunters!  To catch a Musky over 40 pounds these days is close to winning the lottery! The big girls are too far and few between…..The myth of 10,000 casts isn’t even close to what it really is. Let’s start another myth called: It takes 1,000,000 casts to catch a Musky over forty pounds…..I would lay money on it!

Building…..more to come!