Musky Fever

There is mo other fish on Earth like the Musky! It is cunning, maniacal in its rage, unpredictable in its habits!

It is the most awesome of all freshwater fish! It is truly a creature that captures the imagination, kindles the sprite and ‘alas’ breaks the hearts of fisherman by the thousands every year! What begins as a pleasant sport may culminate in a compulsion and burning desire, often  called “Musky Fever!”

Although, it is a myth perpetrated  by novice fisherman and the Media, Musky fishing  is often billed as “the fish of 10,000 casts.” It has also been estimated that it requires one-hundred man hours to land a legal sized Musky. These tales discourage many anglers from fishing  for Muskies. It is true that Musky fishing can be tough at times, but is not nearly as difficult as many writers would lead you to believe. Like all game fish, Muskies are creatures of habit, they have only their instincts to help them survive.

The question is:  Why to otherwise rational people like you and me even fish for Muskies?  It might be a lot more peaceful and  easier to sit on a bank,  and with a worm on the end of you line,  fish for a nice Bluegill or Crappie…..

The Musky hunter fishes for Musky because he is helpless to help himself. Years ago, one writer coined this affliction as “Musky Fever.” Musky fishing can only be described as a disease, and once contracted in a severe case, it is beyond cure by modern medical science. No antibiotic, no wonder drug has been found with witch to effect a cure. For those of you that have the affliction…..Do not despair!  The rewards of overcoming a battling 30 or 40 pound Musky are worth every moment of the suffering that goes with it. You have, after all, proved conclusively your superiority over the run-of-the-mill fisherman. You have caught a legal musky, and that is quite a feat, as the sport writers have so eloquently proclaimed. Be sure to count the number of casts it took you to land your trophy….. Think you came close to 10,000 casts? Better yet, why bother…..Trolling is an excellent way to catch a trophy Musky!

The articles found in this website can be helpful in bringing down your fever to a bearable degree, even if they will not work a complete cure. However, catching a Musky might not lower your temperature either!  Fact is, it might be the worst thing that can happen. After spending hundreds of hours pounding the water with a lure as big as a shoe,  spending thousands on tackle, gas, housing, getting your wife so pissed off she doesn’t care if you come home! You finally boat one that comes in like a limp rag….. Still you are addicted. The next time, you know will be different.  You see, you are a Musky fisherman.