Muskies Hate A Deeper Eight

There is nothing more exciting in fishing than to see a giant Musky attack your lure right next to your boat! Unfortunately, most of the time a big trophy just follows the lure and slowly swims away. However, a properly executed ‘figure 8″ can trigger many muskies that have previously ignored your offering. Most good musky hunters know what a “figure 8” is, but few utilize the tactic to the maximum.

 Most popular Musky lures can be pumped deeper!

Most Musky hunters pump a crank bait up to the boat and then begin a shallow figure eight. This will generally allow the hunter to readily spot a following fish. However, when a bait is pumped too shallow to the boat , it is too late to trigger a strike , especially in clear water where muskies are sure to be spooked.

When done properly, a “figure 8” often turns a musky into a vicious predator anxious to smash your lure. When incorrectly executed, the musky can get turned off, appearing totally disinterested. Of course, a musky will not hit your lure every time you do use the “deeper 8,” but once you learn to do it properly, you can trigger a musky into hitting you lure more times than not.

Don’t get hung up on spotting following muskies. Instead utilize a “deep eight.” A “deep eight” is just a figure eight at the boat side with an additional 4 to 5 feet of line out from your rod tip. This deeper eight will result in less follows, but  many more strikes! This extra line will allow the lure to stay deep next to the boat and still maintain good action.

This deeper eight technique can be done more easily with a long musky rod.  Always keep the the tip of the rod in the water during the entire figure eight. Make sure to make each loop of the eight large enough so a musky can easily turn and has enough time to attack a lure.  Be certain to make the eight on the lure and not the rod.  Many times a Musky will be checking out your lure without you knowing it and will hang around longer than you think! Even though you don’t actually see a follow, be sure to keep your lure deep in the water on each and every cast. Of course, you will be making less casts with more effort on each cast, but over all your lure will be in the strike zone much longer!

One of the most important things to remember when doing a your “8,” is to try and imitate the lure’s action that it had during the retrieve. This is what interested the musky in the first place. If the basic action is altered too much, the musky will generally lose interest and swim away. If you are using a bucktail spinner, make sure the blade or blades keep spinning on the entire figure 8. If a jerk bait is used, keep jerking it as you sweep it back and forth. With a crank bait, long steady sweeps will work best. Many times I have seen musky hunters jerk the lure away from the fish, thinking that the action will cause it to hit. That could not be farther from the truth!

At first it will seem a little awkward  keeping a lure deeper in the water, but with a little practice you will soon become an expert! Just like everything else, it will become a habit!

Persistence is the key! If you learn only these simple techniques and use them on each and every trip, you will indeed catch more and bigger muskies!

Building…..more to come!