Lake Kabetogama Minnesota



 Looks are deceiving, for lake Kabetogama with its irregular shoreline of bays and points, and the numerous islands  makes this lake look much smaller than its 20 miles long and 6 miles wide dimensions.

 This fantastic Walleye and Northern Pike fishery has been called the most beautiful of the border lakes. It lies wholly within Minnesota, just 20 miles south of International falls. Nicknamed “Kab,” it gives up great numbers of “EYES” each and every year. It’s loaded with trophy sized Northern Pike as well as the tasty Walleye…..Thousands of Northern and Walleye fisherman give this lake a good work out every year! This beautiful lake is no less popular for campers, water skiers, swimmers and jet-skiers as well.

If you want to take the family to an all around vacation lake, this would be one of the great fishing lakes I recommend.

FYI, here is a fishing report from June to December of 2012:

12/04/2012 …..First time out on the new ice and the fish were biting. We got out for a few hours on one of our favorite Crappie spots and managed to pick up some fish in 18-22′ using an Uncle Bucks jig and a minnow. There is more than enough ice to walk on, but I’d wait awhile before taking a 4 wheeler out.

8/9/2012 Looks like the Walleye and Sauger have returned from vacation as the fishing has really picked up in the last couple of days. Limits are being caught in the area around School Teacher Island to Etling Island, Cutover Island and the Three Sisters area. Crappies are hanging around the docks. We have been catching them at night off the end of Northern Lights Resort dock. Try after dark with a white jig and small minnow about 3′ below a bobber.
Walleyes are hitting crawlers on a Lindy Rig or try trolling a Shad Rap if you want some big boys.

7/17/2012 We have been finding Walleyes along the north side of the Grassy Island Group, Bald Rock Bay, Etling Island and, of course, Center Reef. Slip bobber and leech, Lind Rig or bottom bouncer rigs are all working. A hot spot in the last couple of days has been the hump just east of Graves Island. Lots of hungry walleye have been hanging there. Smallmouth are continuing to bite aggressively and Northerns are everywhere and hungry.

6/25/2012 The walleyes are on the feedbag right now. Leeches seem to be the best bait along with a nightcrawler. Center reef looks like party cove some days with boats all over. The guides must be out there attracting tourists like flies to a road kill. We have had good luck fishing between Martin and Little Martin, Center Reef if not to many boats, Ram, which has really been hot at times and Camelback. Limits of keeper walleye are pretty easy to get right now. Crappies are biting up in the bay by Gold Portage entrance in the evening. Smallmouth bass can be caught just about anywhere around a rocky point on any island. If you can’t catch 50-100 smallmouth in a day you’re not trying. And finally, give the guides a break! If you’re so desperate to catch a fish then hire a guide, don’t chase them around the lake. These guys are trying to make a living and the people fishing with them have paid good money to fish with them.

6/20/2012 Fishing continues to be pretty good if you get out before the storms. Walleye have moved a little deeper ; most of the fish we got yesterday were in 26-31′ of water. We came across Bob Jensen filming some fishing show with Travis Carlson. I think the show is Fishing The Midwest

As you can see from this report, this lake is highly productive for pan fish, and not just for Walleye and Northern Pike.