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Three-fourths of the earth’s surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple of our time fishing as taking care of the lawn.

 I have always lived close to Lake Michigan in the  suburbs of Chicago.  Back in the day (1967), when learning that they had stocked the lake with salmon and trout, I thought how fantastic it would be to catch large game fish close to my home between my Musky fishing trips. One day I drove to the west shore of the lake to give it a go. It turned out to be a surprise I never expected.  I  caught lots of salmon and trout from the shorelines of Lake Michigan.   I saw hundreds of boats trolling on the lake, and doing  even better.  I decided to buy my first boat  and give trolling a try, even though  it was not easy to launch because of the long lines at the ramps.  As the old story goes, the rest is history!  Over the years  I have owned several boats and have caught hundreds of salmon and trout trolling  on the Great lakes.  In addition to trolling on Lake Michigan, I made many trips  to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada  fishing for Musky.  Between the years of 1967 & 1985,  I contracted the dread affliction called ‘MUSKY FEVER!”  During that period of time,  I felt compelled to hunt for and capture a trophy sized Musky! You will read that the cause for this fever is  quite catchy. If you are among the many that has the “FEVER”, and  although there is no real cure, the Musky articles I have written may help to bring down your temperature , or just maybe help you to land your first trophy Musky.

You will find many articles about what  I have learned over the years, combined  with various sources I have compiled over a long period of time. Much of what I write is only my opinion, and the opinion of others. Some  of the articles I write are just for fun, as I like to keep things on the lighter side.  Because the sport of fishing can never be considered to be an exact science anyway, much of what has been written is nothing but opinion, guess work, speculation and  conjecture. Believe it or not, a whole bunch out there is nothing but Myth and straight up bull-shit! There is another thing I  must address. When the Media gets involved in our great sport ,  things tend to get quite distorted.  Much of what they report is totally based on hearsay with little truth or fact being represented. This is how stories like 100 pound Muskies, and 10,000 casts get blown out of proportion!

  Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy!

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There is one thing I have learned in all my years of fishing:

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive yet obtainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” Be sure to  check out my other Great Lakes Fishing Website: http://www.fishingtech101.com

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